The Scales of War

New Beginnings

In this first session, the characters were thrown together by a confluence of events that quickly sent them on their way to adventure.

All the adventurers began in Overlook, having helped defend Bordrin’s Watch against the orcish invasion. Stillgar was meeting with his friend Peren, when they heard the sounds of combat nearby, followed by a a loud explosion. When they went to check, they found an alleyway full of bodies. The only one with life left among them was Edthir, however, he was too injured to speak. Presently, they were joined by Aukan, who was also investigating the disturbance, and after some questioning by a rather rude city guard, they decided to accompany the dwarf to the temple, where they could hear his story after he was healed.

Edthir regained consciousness, and told Stillgar and Peren that he and his friends had been attacked by a band of the Lost Ones, the thieves’ guild in Overlook. The bandits had demanded that they hand over a key, and when told that the Company of Five did not possess any key, they attacked. The explosion was caused by a mage’s spell misfiring, killing all but Edthir.

Upon the bodies of the adventurers, Stillgar had found a curious brass tube with several flanges protruding from it. The newly formed party surmised that this may be the key that the Lost One’s spoke about. The only other find of significance was a small scrap of charred paper one of the bandits carried. This paper had a sketch of the tube on it, and the signature “Modra”. The adventurer’s decided to find out more information about this Modra, and began inquiring all around Overlook. They found out several key rumors: - There is talk of cults on the rise in the frontiers, and they are surprisingly well outfitted, just like the orcs that attacked Bordrin’s Watch.

- Modra is a dark creeper who brokers weapon and armor in Overlook’s black market.

- Modra’s last deal may have gone bad.

- Modra was in Overlook three weeks ago, but he was keeping a low profile.

- Modra used an inn called the Happy Beggar as a meeting place.

While collecting this information, the company met Yfio, a Shardmind who was also investigating recent disturbances in his realm. They joined forces, and together traveled to the Happy Beggar. There they talked to Brenat, an old veteran who claimed to know of Modra. He told them that Modra was extremely dangerous, and could not be trusted, but that he had not been seen at the Happy Beggar in a year. However, the party found a concealed door in the kitchen of the Beggar, leading to a passage and a large cavern.



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